Campus Plaza

Ponferrada, León
Date: 1998

Once chosen a non-urban campus type, but a landscaped one, it was important to foster the central space, which was conceived as a relational space, for both pedestrian activity and for direct contact between students and teachers, allowing in the staggered benches and in the outdoor theaters some classes and activities.

Two zones clearly differs depending on their position in height and therefore in terms of its ability to offer or no views over the valley and the distant mountains that crowns it. This fact was emphasized as the distant to the main square increases, and the quality of the "natural" enhances.

This new landscaped campus links and identify very clearly the work of man with its surroundings, endowing both with recognizable meanings. This way the views to the exterior landscape is understood as something linked to and belonging to the place. In this sense both the architecture and the complex has a clear symbolic recovery component of traditional building typologies and his natural insertion in the landscape.

Property/Client: Universidad de León
Architects: Lorenzo Fernández-Ordóñez, Belén Martín-Granizo y Daniel Díaz Font

Contractor company: F.C.C. Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas
Built area m2: 23000 m2
Budget: 2012446.74 €
Construction Engineer: Fernando Vasco, Luis Roy Ramos y Francisco Palmero
Current status: Finalizado Mayo 2002