Diagrid Bridge

Valdebebas, Madrid
Date: 2008

The proposed bridge is deliberately an object with clear and precise shapes, closer to industrial designs or aviation industry than to the usual geometry of structural bridges. The airport inspired aerodynamic shapes for the bridge.

The bridge has strong and unequivocal structural design, and their main virtues are clarity and formal simplicity, purity and structural dynamic geometry, appealing and attractive. A bridge with a very peculiar geometric character, almost aircraft, whose form is developed from an inverted T section, associated with a structural typology arch, The board (type bow-string), classical structural scheme saves the 150 m without transmitting thrust to the ground.

The formal aspect most relevant and unique design develops from a double Diagrid or permeable structural mesh, from which hangs the panel arc and that as large stiffness plane.

The Diagrid is designed in two planes on each side of the spine of the structure, forming a staggered mesh quad at the same time ensuring the necessary visual transparency, gives it a dynamic character, and the game of lights and shadows that reverberate and enrich visual sensations.

The light throughout the day crosses the cage formed by the mesh that constitutes the Diagrid multiply, depending on the incidence of light and perspective passer or driver, the rich set of transparencies, reverbs, lights and shadows cast on the lattice, an effect reminiscent, and draws in sculptural creations Eusebio Sempere.

At night, the Diagrid facade lighting housed in its interior volume between the double side planes, becomes a space, as a mesh or cage in which the light is contained.

The bridge crosses through a unique structure of 150 m span between abutments, and is destined to be a first-class urban reference, the best gateway to T4 at Madrid.

It will become a milestone among urban and architectural landmarks like the New City of Justice, the new Real Madrid Sports City and T4 Terminal airport.

Property/Client: Parque de Valdebebas
Architects: Lorenzo Fernández-Ordóñez / Francisco Domouso de Alba / Emilio Rodríguez Jiménez
Engineer: Francisco Millanes Mato

Consulting: IDEAM,
Collaborators: Adriana Rodríguez Ossio, Eduardo San Nicolás, João Cruz, Marta Diego
Contract: CONCURSO NACIONAL. Primer Premio. 2006
Budget: 22.000.000 €
Current status: en fase de adjudicación