EREN headquarters

Avenida Reyes leones 11, León, Spain
Date: 1999

The EREN institutional role expresses committed to sustainability, savings, energy efficiency, reduced consumption and emissions (about 40%) and the overall use of renewable energy, all characteristics of bioclimatic building.
The volume´s envelope is polarized in response to energy efficiency. The south facade is made up of a double glazed layer, with automated sunshade on the steel frame interior. This allows the double facade to absorb solar energy during the day, as a thermal detainer, and dissipate it at night, by controlling the sunshade boards.
The north facade has a high opacity and thermal inertia, thus providing great insulation inside. The main structure of the building is formed with ten meters span trusses (facade to facade).
Outside the garden serves as a solar photovoltaic garden that captures all solar incident radiation on the plot.

First Prize Open Contest
Sustainable Architecture Award I of Castile and Leon. 2006.
I Environmental Architecture, Bioclimatic and Ecology Exhibition. Madrid 2000.

Property/Client: Ente Regional de la Energia de Castilla y León
Architects: Lorenzo Fernández-Ordóñez, Daniel Díaz Font y Belen Martín Granizo

Current status: Construido